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A Bridge to Learning is committed to providing quality, caring assistance to families of children with autism and related disorders.
Our goal is to help individuals achieve their desired personal outcomes and develop to their fullest potential through individualized, professional support.


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Our program is available to children throughout the United States and Europe, and who are between the ages of 2 and 7 at intake, and who have been diagnosed with autism or a related disorder. Children above the chronological age of 7 at intake are considered on an individual basis.

The program encompasses all areas of functioning and is integrative. Appropriate behavior target areas include receptive and expressive language, toy play, peer play, socialization, abstract concepts, and self-help skills. Negative behavior target areas include, tantrums, self stimulatory behavior, and aggression to self and others. Teaching of appropriate behaviors proceeds in incremental, systematic steps in an effort to maximize a child's success.





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